Joel's Photo Page

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A Small Sampling of My Work

The photos here will be updated periodically.

Also, some of the works shown have been sold. Please fee free to contact me with questions, etc. I'm happy to send additional pictures and details of my work.

"Opportunity for Growth" SOLD

Fire Screen SOLD

"Ucky Ducky" SOLD

Vulture SOLD

"Voodoo Love Flower" LAMP SOLD

"Power of Three" SOLD

"Admiral Bird" SOLD


"Midol" SOLD

"Coffee Pot Bhudda" SOLD

"Damsel in Distress"

"Found Idle" SOLD


"Bad Lie"

"Cow Fly"

"Gator Rat" SOLD

"Coffee Slug" SOLD

"Otho's Run" SOLD

"Mysterious Red Fyter"

"Yellow-Bellied Sap Sucker" SOLD

"Bourbon Balls" -more avail.

"Grecian Chicken Factory" SOLD

"Wants and Needs" SOLD

"Worm" SOLD

"Fruits of My Labor"

"Nature vs. Man" SOLD

Installation Zephyr Gallery 2004

"Today's Special" SOLD